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Latest news

We have officially released Starsgate.jp.
We have celebrated our 10th anniversary since the company's registration.
We have updated the testimonials related page.
We have released Moore's collar™.
We have updated the testimonials page site.
On 2016-06-17 we finally released the official Web site of Turing's collar™, the strongtest HR consulting service dedicated to the AI industry in Japan. Please check turingscollar.jp .
We participated as a founding member in the establishment of the Japan Blockchain Association. For more information, please refer to the our related blog post (Japanese).
We have added the link to the job opportunities we deal with at Descartes Search, LLC
We have modified our tag line.
We have added a candidate's resume form.
On 2016-01-08 we finally released the official Web site of Satoshi's collar™, the first and biggest recruiting site for the blockchain industry in Japan. Please check satoshiscollar.jp .
- Happy new year 2016!
- The official site of Satoshi's collar™ will be released soon.
- We have updated the testimonials related page.
- We have added the link to our Google plus page (jp).
- We have added the like button to our Facebook page.
- We have added a comparison between the sourcing contract, the retainer contract and the contingent search contract on the services page.
- We have added a page related to the company's history.
- We have started to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for our Hacker Retainer Search™ and Satoshi's collar™ services, via the Bitcoin payment processing service offered by bitFlyer.
- We have updated the page related to the company.
- We have updated the page related to payment.
- We have disclosed our services description brochure (jp) that focuses on our retainer search.
- We have started to accept NuBits as a payment method for our Satoshi's collar™ service.
- We have updated our home page.
- We have added a page related to copyrights.
- We have changed the name of the service from CryptoHackers to Satoshi's collar™.
- We have updated the page about our services.
- We have updated the page related to our retainer search service.
- We have updated the page related to our search service for the crypto-currency and blockchain industries.
- We have updated our home page.
- We have released a corporate profile brochure (Japanese language) that focuses on our engineers search service.
- We have updated the page related to our Hacker Retainer Search™ service. Please request our brochure.
- We have updated the page related to our CryptoHackers (former name) service.
- We have added a page related to our testimonials.
- Though belated, we wish you a happy new year 2015.
- We have released our retainer search service.
Please check out retainer.descartes-search.com
- We have released CryptoHackers (former name).
Please check out crypto.descartes-search.com
- We have updated the home page site as well as the linked sites.
- We have release our official corporate blog.
Please check out blog.descartes-search.com
- We have released the official site about our corporate consulting service.
Please check out advisory.descartes-search.com
- We have released a whole site about remote viewing in recruiting.
Please check out remoteviewing.descartes-search.com
- We have started our job seeker counseling service.
Please check out coaching.descartes-search.com
- We have released our new corporate home page.

What is Descartes Search?

Descartes Search, LLC is a Tokyo-based recruiting agency that has a very large network of international and high-class IT/Web engineers as well as very experienced executives.
Our agents will search, scout and provide you with the most suitable global IT manpower in a timely and cost-effective way.
In particular, we introduce Japanese-speaking foreign IT engineers and English-speaking Japanese IT engineers.
Our recruiting license is 13-ユ-304974.
For more information, please check the company profile page.

A new way of recruiting for both jobseeker and employer

The object of recruiting is the person itself. The job of a recruiter is to find the job that most fits a given jobseeker. A person, a human being has a left brain and a right brain. The right brain controls the intuitive mind. The left brain controls the logical mind. As a recruiter, you cannot deliver a good recruiting service unless you consider both sides. In order to assess whether a given candidate' skills match a given job description, the recruiter needs to use her or his logics but in order to assess if the candidate's character matches the corporate culture of the company, he or she needs to use his or her intuition.
Our goal is to provide you with recruiting services and related services that are based on the equal use of intuition and logics.

Our evaluation system

In order to make full use of our intuitive and logical minds, we need information. Logics needs objective information, which is the information found on the Internet or SNS along with the information given by the candidate (ex:resume) and the information collected by our own Web infrastructure or information processing systems. For the intuitive mind, the information is the subjective information that you can only intuit and this is done by remote viewing. We evaluate the degree of matching based on these 2 types of information.

Our pricing

The pricing depends upon the service but our services are mainly consulting services. For more information please check out the details.

Search area

As we are based out of Tokyo, we mainly search for candidates who live in Japan, mainly the Kanto area.

Our motto

"Recruiting by remote viewing and IT"